January 12, 2013

New Website Address!

See, it's so similar that it's even the same color and this picture looks camouflaged! Oh, and the sidebar's now on the right. That's about it...
I've not posted lately because I have a new website! I know, I have about 10 websites that I mention here, but this is actually different, since it's actually THIS website I'm talking about! I bought the domain sitzblog.com and moved this blog there. Blogger has served me well since 2006 or so, but I decided I wanted a domain of my own. So if you want to keep following Sitzblog, that's the place to do it (you can also follow on Facebook, which will remain unaffected by all this...the links I post there will just go to the new site).

The new site is very similar, but you'll notice there's a big picture of me doing something stupid every time you refresh the homepage. Pretty fancy, eh? There's also a place to follow Sitzbook and my pictures, if you happen to do that. I'll be developing it more in the future, too. 

I'll still keep this blog around for the archived posts, and you'll be able to check out new posts on my other sites on the bottom left column, at least for a while. But I also got the domains sitzmanabc.com and cinematicattic.com, so those will also be growing soon, hopefully!

Thanks for everyone for following this blog, and I look forward to the next part of my journey!

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