June 24, 2006

I'm in Switzerland. It's thoroughly Swiss and Euro-Disney-esque. I was sad to see Mexico go down against Argentina, though, so this post goes out to you, Jose. Sorry, though, Jose, that I can't figure out how to do the Spanish-style accents on this keyboard.

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June 21, 2006

Fly Like An Eagle

Whenever people think of "cars" and the 1985 blockbuster movie "Back to the Future" in the same thought (bear with me here...), they surely think "Delorean." The time machine in that movie was made out of a Delorean, and, let's face it: Deloreans kick serious ass. They're made out of stainless steel, man! You couldn't rust that shit if you tried! But at the same time, "Back to the Future" also had another classic gem of a car, albeit one that was a bit more prone to rusting: THE AMC EAGLE! That's right, the car that Jennifer's dad is driving in the photo above.
Remember how that scene goes down? Yep, Old Man Jennifer's Dad comes rolling up in his wood-paneled masterpiece and honks the horn, interrupting Marty McFly and Jennifer's necking session. He yells something like "Jennifer!", indicating she better get her appliqued-vest-wearing ass in that awesome car, like pronto, otherwise she might be forbidden from hanging out with that slacker McFly anymore. But what's the point here? The point is, when you drive an AMC Eagle, You can do whatever the fuck you want! You can act like a dick in front of your teen's boyfriend! Jennifer's Dad could have ran right over Mayor Goldie Wilson while shouting "The Eagle has landed, motherfuckers!" and no one would have done a damn thing, because that little coche of his had four-wheel drive. You simply can't argue with that.
I'm getting a bit off topic here. I'm supposed to be talking more about the AMC Eagle, which I actually think is a sweet ride. Here's another pic:
This picture is of me, in my dreams. I'm riding in my super-rad custom Eagle, and my awesome, fashionable friends have stopped by the hood for a chat.
By the way, I got these pictures from the internet, so they're not mine. Please don't sue me.
Thanks for reading, and I apologize if I gave anyone a warm sensation or a huge boner by talking about this HOT car!

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