July 16, 2007

Wedding Photos

Since a few of you are already asking for wedding photos, I'll set up a link to a site that will have them all soon, I think. The pictures were taken by my friend Brad, and he was great! I'm still deciding between what I want him to use as my official "happy client" quote on his website. It's down to:
"Brad Bonner was the consummate photographic professional."
"Brad Bonner is a photographic alchemist--we gave him the basic elements and he turned our wedding pictures into gold."
The photos that are up so far can be seen here.
Thanks for the great work, Brad!
For now, here's another preview:

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Anonymous said...

Dear bride and groom,

suuuuuuper photos!! You look fantastic. Such a shame we could not come. All the best once again to both of you!
Maj Heinz Jens Maria

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures, Congratulations!!
Wasn't sure Angela wouldn't bolt when she met the Whole Family!!!
Brave lady,