August 18, 2007

A Visit From the "Germans"

Last weekend Angela and I had our first visitors in our new place in Berlin (pictures of which I will post soon...including pictures of the creepy Crucifix/Torture Room). The visitors were Tessa and her boyfriend Peter. I know Tessa because she is the youngest daughter in a lovely family from Hannover, Germany, that I and many of my friends and relatives have mooched off of for many years. Peter is her boyfriend. They were both very nice, and it was really fun to have some guests. We mainly hung out in Berlin, checking out the coffee fields and relaxing, but we also had some time for a few machete hijinks. Anyhow, here are some pictures. Most of them Tessa took, but the ones that she's in I took:

I gotta hand it to Tessa, because this picture totally rocks. I'm going to rip off the idea and pass it off as my own right away. Anyhow, this is (obviously) the toilet paper roll in our bathroom in Berlin. The room really is that green.

This was taken outside of Las Musas, an outdoor pool. I think it's cool that Peter, Angela, and I all look like we were photoshopped in from different pictures. Especially since I look like twice the size of them. It's called trick photography, kids.

Peter and Tessa eating some blackberries that a local Crazy Guy in Berlin scaled a hill to pick.

Peter didn't take my special Machete Safety Training Program. Fortunately, asses can be surgically reattached.

Tessa preparing to take vengeance and cause a severed ass of her own.

Here's a good picture of Honorio, my father-in-law (hmm, that seems strange to say it), that Tessa took.

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Anonymous said...

Man, that "photoshopped" picture is weird, especially because your left foot is off the ground, and your right is kinda out of the picture, so it really makes it look like you're floating.