June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dear Dad,
Happy Birthday! Sorry I can't be there to spend time with you, or to give you a snarky card making fun of your age. Instead, this picture of you looking at the Denny's menu titled "For our guests 55 and older" should suffice! He he!
In any case, I'm glad that you and Denny's finally buried the hatched, and that it didn't involve you literally putting an axe in the asshole manager's chest! (By the way, everyone else can read a more detailed break-down of our dad's previous hate for Denny's on my brother Paul's blog, here).
In any case, dad, may you celebrate many, many more birthdays! I hope this one is great for you, and we're thinking of you down in Coast Tasty!
Happy Birthday!

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