September 4, 2008

New "K" Music Review On

Hi there,
Just so you know, I've posted the next letter in my A-Z Music Review Revue, featured on I thoroughly invite you to check it out. The theme is the letter K, and there are four great reviews of four semi-great albums. I'll be posting it here on the blog in parts, as well, but for now, I'll let you read the introduction. Remember, go to and click on "Music Reviews" to read the thrilling finale!

"Greetings everyone! Once again, it’s been a long, long time since I sent my last A-Z music review, and a lot has happened since the last edition. As you all know, my younger brother Paul has tried to steal the wind out of my sails by starting his own music A-Z music review series. And dammit if the boy ain’t efficient, and a good writer to boot. In the time it took me to get through about one average letter, Paul has already made it to C, and he sent trash-talking word that D is on the way, too. At the same time, though, Paul’s a good rival, and he even set up a page on his website that links all of the reviews that he wrote, as well as links to all of mine. Good sport, old boy! You can find the links by clicking on this link.
Alas, rivalries like this are a story as old as time. However, this isn’t an elementary school field day; not everyone gets a feel-good yellow “participation” ribbon. Since these are music reviews we’re dealing with here, let’s use a musical analogy: The entirely excellent and competent Paulieri continues to produce music reviews of the highest quality and virtue, but they will never match the soul, wit, and sheer fickleness of the reviews written by his contemporary, Wolfgang Ryandeus Sitzart.
Having said that, let me don my powdered wig, and let’s get Baroque on this batch!"

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Paul said...

Damn you, Ry! Now "D" will come even faster and with more fury than ever. But I don't know where you got Keane from. I think I got it from you, or I might've gotten it from someone in Australia. Either way, I think it got tucked away in my collection to. They're pretty good though, solid tunes without the dipshitery of Coldplay.

Sitzman said...

That's weird that there was a random Keane CD floating around the Sitzman house. Must have been mom's.
Also, good use of the word "dipshittery!" It's as good as, or maybe even better than, "douchebaggery."
PS I see now that your D review is up, so I'm going to read that now!