June 11, 2009

Finally: Pictures From Annie's Visit!

A week or two ago, our friend Annie visited us for a long weekend. Good times were had by all, and we gave her a whirlwind Coast Tasty experience. We spent a few days in the Limón province, which is on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast.

Annie took quite a few pictures herself (you should be able to see them by following this link), but here are some pictures that I took to make you want to pay a visit of your own:

The lovely Angela jumping for joy that Annie is visiting us!

Angela with the "Gandhi look." I'd say, "It's a long story," but it's really not. We were basically just making fun of Gandhi.
Everyone does a few bad things here and there, right?

The sunset at Playa Negra, I believe. This beautiful beach just to the north of Cahuita is supposedly 13 km long. In an hour and a half there, we saw two other people.

Inside Cahuita National Park there are many beautiful beaches, as well.

Annie in the National Park.

Angela and I on the beach.

Annie drinking a pipa, which is basically a coconut with the top chopped off (with a machete, of course). Let the delicious--and supposedly contraceptive, although we all know that's just Costa Rican voodoo--coconut water flow!

Angela with her pipa.

Annie pilfering lemons from my brother-in-law's tree. We made a sort of "Poor Man's Mojito" by mixing chopped lemons, lemon juice, sugar, and cacique (the local cheap booze). It's a perfect accompaniment to a delicious "bread snack" and a DVD from season three of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Annie, come back soon, and bring Matthew!

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Annie said...

You forgot to mention that when I'm drinking the pipa I'm making a face like a sloth ... otherwise I just look like ... well ...

Katina Rogers said...

Hey there Ryan! I never did reply to your comment... mostly because I was shocked to see that anyone had found my blog :). It's so fun to see that Annie visited you guys! I hope you and Angela are doing well in paradise - it looks lovely. I just moved to NYC, so my uneventful grad school life has just gotten a bit more exciting. Perhaps there will even be some non-academic posts someday. Take care!


Sitzman said...

Annie! Sorry, of course you look like a kick-ass sloth in that picture!

Katina! Thanks for checking out the blog. Best of luck in NYC, and I'll keep checking your blog for new adventures!