August 5, 2009

Return of The Dude!

It's been quite some time since we've seen our favorite Jeff Bridges character in film, but he's coming back soon! Check out this link to see the trailer!
Finally, a movie that speaks to MY lifestyle!

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Paul said...

What about Iron Man? That movie could have been a biopic of Ryan Sitzman. And Jeff Bridges... totally channelling The Dude. I mean, he let his technology do all the work so he hardly had to lift a finger.

Paul said...

BTW... that cluster map of yours is looking mighty impressive. You've got most of the states covered, but I'm just waiting for Greenland to jump on the bandwagon. And most of Russia. Shit, it looks like even the South Koreans are on board!

Sitzman said...

You know, I've still not seen Iron Man. I think I meant to ask you to borrow it when I was last visiting. I'll have to do so.
And I agree about the clustrmap! Did you scroll down to see the individual country stats? I've even got Armenia, Iran, and Afghanistan representin'!