January 26, 2010

Picture of the Day, January 25, 2010

Angela was cleaning a lot today, and she even cleaned the oven thoroughly. These are the knobs from the front of our Atlas brand oven. Atlas is, if not the best, then certainly one of the top ten oven manufacturers in El Salvador.

Cooperation in the isthmus: ¿Si se puede? Sure, ¿why not?

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loopy said...

actually until recently atlas used to be a costa rican national company! they came out heavily in favour of CAFTA, saying if it didn;t pass they were gong to close operations in costa rica. Once is passed, the news came out that it was already to sold to Mabe, which i believe is a mexican company. cooperation in the isthmas (sounds like Christmas!) of the most appalling kind!

Sitzman said...

...AND the freaking oven light burned out after only two years or so!