April 13, 2010

Picture of the Day Update, April 6-12, 2010

It's been a week since my last Picture of the Day update, so here we go with the most recent pictures:

April 6th: My shirts hanging in my closet. I liked the colors.

April 7th: A coffee plant on our front porch started flowering a bit earlier than we expected.

April 8th: Today I got some glass to make new windows for the Crappy Casita. A lot more complicated than I thought it'd be, and the small cuts from nails and glass hurt my pride more than my hands. But I'm learning, slowly but surely.

April 9th: A watermelon. April 9th was a slow day for photography.

April 10th: Some Go-Fish cards at work.

April 11th: Vicky and Arnoldo. Arnoldo is one of my brother-in-laws. The two of them were showing me a new property they bought in Berlin. They'll possibly be using it for their kids when they're older.

April 12th: This is a bug I saw on our steps late on the night of the 11th, so I hung around for 32 minutes to make it a Picture of the Day for the 12th. Aside from the strange but interesting bug, I also like this because of the narrow focus. Thanks for selling me a cool camera and lens, Brad!

So, that's it for now. Hope there was something you liked. Until next time, be sure to check out the leftovers by following the links directly below. Thanks for reading!

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