June 9, 2010

Pictures of the Day From (The Original) Berlin: May 17 and 18, 2010

Here are the Pictures of the Day from May 17th and 18th:

May 17, 2010: A field of rapeseed (aka "canola"... seriously, who named this crop?) blooms in beautiful yellow. During our visit, these fields were blooming all over Germany. This picture was taken from the window of a speeding train, going from Regensburg to (the real) Berlin.

May 18, 2010: A girl jumping from one block to the next at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Probably a little light-hearted for a Holocaust memorial, but nevertheless I thought it was an interesting picture.

There are also quite a few more pictures from Berlin, so you can check them out on the links below, or by going directly to my flickr account (where I'm continually uploading more trip pictures). Some highlights include:

Delicious eats and meats!
More memorials!
And, of course, Bears!!

By the way, this is my blog's 500th post, so that's also a pretty cool thing! Thanks for reading all this time, and have a great day!

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