August 12, 2010

Some More New Old Pictures!

I finally had more time to upload some of my older pictures. In this case, they're from 2007. For most people, they might not be that interesting. Still, depending on who you are or what you're into --Bucket showers, anyone?...Hey, I don't know-- then you might find something you like.

First and foremost, I've uploaded pictures from our wedding. My friend and professional photographer Brad took most of these, although at the start of the set there are some that I took while my family was visiting.

There are also more pictures from my mom's visit (a not-so-stealthy operation to come down and make sure that her future daughter-in-law wasn't a complete pyscho).

Also, there is a set from Nicaragua. I went there with my friend and former coworker Samuel. We visited his family in the far northern part of that country.

I evidently had to renew my visa another time in 2007, as well, so there is also a set of pictures from Panama.

And finally, the biggest set is of pictures of everyday life around Costa Rica.

Please feel free to check them out, leave comments, or download the pictures as you please. The links above are for the sets on their respective flickr pages, but you can also access them through fluidr by clicking on this link, in case you prefer a black background and a slightly slower-loading page.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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