December 5, 2010

Pictures of the Day - December 1-5, 2010

We're back with the first 5 Pictures of the Day from my new 365 Project! Hope you like them:

December 1st: Not the best picture ever taken of me, but I had to document the transition from Novembeard to Decembeard somehow. I had hoped for a nice picture of Berlin to start off the new 365 series (as I did for this last year), but it was foggy and really boring (see Leftover #1).

December 2nd: Some guys were fishing at the beach when I was hanging out there in the morning, so I decided to get a picture of their catch. By that time, the fish weren't biting, though, so only one out of 6 was in the water. Still, their fishing equipment was impressively spartan.

December 3rd: It was a big day for work on the Formerly Crappy Casita, but I still found a bit of time to make a pizza in the evening. It was delicious!

December 4th: Man, it was a ridiculously nice sunset. As seen from the back porch.

December 5th: Some cilantro sprouts. Angela planted the seeds in a planter in our bathroom a little while ago, and they're starting to look promising. She also planted some in our backyard but when the cats saw the nice dirt... well, you get the idea.

That's it for today! Remember to check out the Leftovers (either click here or at the end of the post, if you prefer a black background).

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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