April 7, 2011

Weekly Picture Project: Week 13 (M)

I'm a few days slow on posting these pictures, but that's because we've had a house guest (Andy aka Chorizo, who you'll see in one of the pictures below). In any case, I hope you like something here!

Picture 1: Mata. I realize that this may be stretching it for an "M," but a houseplant is normally called a "mata," at least in Costa Rica. We got this one the other day at a hardware store, and it's pretty cool.

Picture 2: Metal. This is the front of my in-laws' truck. I borrowed it to go pick up some lattice in Palmares.

Picture 3: Mischief. This picture happened to be taken on April Fool's Day, which makes it a bit more appropriate, perhaps. This kid was running around the fountain in Palmares.

Picture 4: Mariela Mora and Mr. McClellan with a Metal church. Andy came and visited us, so we took a trip to see the metal church in Grecia. Here's another (bonus!) picture of the church the same evening:

Hopefully there was something interesting there. If not, we'll see what I can come up with for "N." Thanks for reading and looking, and have a good one!

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