May 25, 2011

Weekly Picture Project: Weeks 18-20 (R,S,T)

It's been a few weeks since I've updated my Weekly Picture Project, so I've got the letters R, S, and T for you today. If you want to see a larger version of any of them, just click on the picture. Hope you enjoy them!


Ridiculous: This is a fat dog that I saw in Heredia when we went to visit two of Angela's aunts.

Rose: A rose at Angela's aunt's house.

Religions: My coworker Dario had this John Paul II medal, as well as the Star of David.

Really?: My flickr got to over 100,000 views. I thought that was cool, although I know a lot of people have a LOT more views than that. Still, I guess it's a milestone.


The Stand: I finally got through this whole book. Check here for a review.

Students: This picture is blurry, unfortunately, but it's a Saturday afternoon class that I've taught quite a few times. They're one of my favorite groups.

Scattered Showers: It's started raining a lot more recently.

Self-Portrait: A picture I took of myself while waiting for Angela to finish class one evening.


Time/Tripod/Timer: I took this with a tripod and a timer to reduce shaking. It seems to have worked.

Toilet: I was reading Red Alert while I was sick this week.

Toni: My sister-in-law Antonieta came by and brought us some tasty food she'd made.

Tunes: An extra picture I took of myself looking at the itunes on my computer. I was writing a music review.

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Robert said...


That bug-eyed, fatty dog is amazing. I feel like it's one of those creatures that people pilgrimage to worship in front of. Great work snapping a few shots of that mythical beast. The people on foreign shores are sure grateful.


Sitzman said...

Glad to hear you like the little fat fatty! I put a little candle in front of it for you, just in case...