June 25, 2011

Weekly Picture Project: Weeks 21-23 (U,V,W)

Well, I'm getting close to finishing this project--in fact, the "Y" week ends tomorrow, so after next week I'll post up X,Y, and Z. Today I'll get U,V, and W. It's been a good, fun challenge to get three or four letter-themed pictures each week, but I've gotten behind on posting them (although I've been good about keeping up to date with actually taking the pictures). So, here we go:


Unnecessary: "Whipping Cream" / "For whipping" / "The photography shows a suggestion of consumption"
Stop. Shut up. Shut up. You had me at "whipping."

Ughhhh: I was really full this evening, after eating a delicious meal at our Belgian friends' house.

Underexposed Underwear: I worked with the +/- button on the camera to adjust the exposure.


Vignette: Our blue camera has a function that gives pictures a vignette effect. This is the result when you point it at our napkin holder.

Vertical: A bar stool in our kitchen.

Vegemite: Thanks to Lucy for the Vegemite and for the modeling!

Vegemite: Ready for its close-up!


Weeds 1: A dandelion behind the Formerly Crappy Casita.

Weeds 2: More weeds.

Water 1: At a river near Berlin. This is the bridge.

Water 2: Sofie and Thijs' son Andres, splashing in the water.

So, that's it for the moment. Keep checking back for pictures and blog fun! Have a great day!

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