March 27, 2012

Son of a Biscuit

How's that for a non-profane title? It's all I can do right now to not break out into an incredibly obscene post, since my computer broke down earlier today. Apparently it's the motherboard and apparently it's a fairly common problem for my particular make and model of computer (an HP DV4). Naturally, it's also very expensive to fix. Of course, when we bought it from Office Depot a few years ago, we got the extended warranty, which would have been great if it were still in effect. But just like cops in movies who get shot a week before retirement, we all know that computers take a dump right after their warranties expire, and mine was no exception.

So, I guess I may be in the market for a new computer. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd also like to mention to all my friends who said they may come down this year (For example, Chris, Annie, and cousin Sarah, I'm looking in your direction) that it's about time you came for a visit, and I'd be eternally grateful if any of you could serve as a computer mule for me, since electronics here are a lot more expensive. Plus if you bring me a new computer, I'll let you join me in throwing big rocks at my old computer. Sounds fun, eh?!

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