April 2, 2012

Netfun on the Interweb

Here's some butterfly goodness for you.

As usual, I've been blogging and making the internet bigger. You may have heard about my new website, Costa Rica Outsider. It's actually pretty fancy. I've written a few articles there, including one with tips to distinguish between Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, and one about when the President of Costa Rica came to Berlín. I just posted one about semana santa, or Easter week in Costa Rica. If you're interested in Costa Rica (or if you live here), then please check it out and/or "Like" it on Facebook.

Speaking of semana santa, you can read this post from 2008 to see how the crucifixion is a pretty big deal here, but the resurrection just isn't as interesting or as bloody.

Finally, I've been making a lot of improvements and more frequent posts on Sitzman ABC, my language-learning blog. It's good if you're learning English, but hopefully interesting even if you're not. Please also feel free to check it out and/or "Like" it on Facebook.

Thanks for reading this blog, and any of the others mentioned above. Have a great day!

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