August 2, 2012

Save The Lyric Theater in Fort Collins, Colorado

I don't know if you live in Fort Collins, Colorado, or if you ever visit there, but there's a cool movie theater there called The Lyric that I really like. It's an independent theater so it's not connected to a huge national chain. That's good, in my opinion, but it means that they're short on cash to convert to digital projectors and new seats, which will be necessary for them to stay in business. 

They've started a Kickstarter campaign that you can check out if you're interested. They're trying to raise $150,000 and there are 4 days left. They're currently at $130,000. I myself pledged $40, but it's not like that money will just disappear into thin air. If they reach their goal, I'll get some goodies like some free pint glasses, a T-shirt, and some drinks and popcorn at the theater.

I'm writing about it here, so I obviously think it's a good place and a good project. If you agree and want to help out, check out the link here.

Thanks for reading!

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