January 4, 2007

The Curse of Matt Damon?

It's been a week or two since I've posted anything, and now that I do, it occurs to me that the titles of many of my posts end with a question mark.
In any case, I came here before you today to complain about three of Matt Damon's recent films. Now, I like Matt Damon, so don't believe me to be a hater. Quickly after "Good Will Hunting," it became clear that between Damon and Ben Affleck, Damon had most of the chops, and Affleck was a bit of a tool. And many of Damon's movies have been good, like the Jason Bourne ones. But I submit this to you:
1. "Syriana" was pretty crappy.
2. "The Departed" was pretty crappy.
3. "The Good Shepherd" was pretty crappy, too.
I seem to be the only one that holds these opinions, though. Which is odd, because I usually like pretty much any movie, just like I enjoy pretty much any music. So I was wondering why I didn't like any of these three darlings of the filmgoing society. The way I see it, "Syriana" tried to make an elaborate point but got caught up in its own convoluted story, "The Departed" relied way too much on cell phone technology and Leonardo DiCaprio to tell a story, and "The Good Shepherd" was just pretty boring. But then I realized that Matt Damon was the common link between these three movies, and I became quite concerned.
I suppose that we will all have to wait with nervous anticipation to see what he churns out next.
And I have no idea why I just wrote an entire post about Matt Damon.

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Pablo said...

This would be the perfect spot to add in a "Matt Da-mon" Team America style, but unfortunately I can't do a retarded voice in writing.

Sitzman said...

Nice! I was thinking that that was probably his best role in recent memory, too.

Annie said...

I was trying really hard to like "The Departed", but the end was WAY too crazy. I walked out of the theater speechless, but somehow happy that Leo di Caprio is so good at being troubled and angry these days instead of sensitive and mysterious (ala Titanic)...

Sitzman said...

Wow, Annie, I'm reading your posting just after I wrote about how Leonardo DiCarpio was sucking less these days...