January 11, 2007


A few people have mentioned that I've not posted too many pictures of my girlfriend Angela. So, here's a few of her and me:

I like this picture of her and me on her birthday. She looks happy to be with me.

This one was taken on a sort of plateau near her house, where there are a bunch of TV and radio towers. The towers are the only thing that most people know about the little area of Berlin.

In this picture Angela is trying to use wax to remove the hairs of a poisonous caterpillar that she accidently touched. It didn't really work, and she had a bad rash on her arm the next day, but for the time being, it made a nice picture.

This is a picture of me and her in her house. I'm the one with the crazy eyes.

The gratuitous kissy picture. I used to hate seeing other people's pictures like this, so now it's my turn to persecute others.

The two of us on Abuela's bench. You can't see it in this picture, but the bench is chained to the porch because her last one got stolen. It was even lifted over her metal barrier fence with spikeys at the top. I guess if you want a bench that badly, as far as I'm concerned you can have it.

We refer to this picture as "our movie poster." The movie will be called "Las Torres de Berlin." It'll be huge.

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Der Mixxxer said...

Wahnsinnig süß!!

Sitzman said...

Das stimmt ja!

Kristen said...

Your girl is lovely Hubble. Seriously though, she's hot. Nice work on that one! :-)