June 11, 2007

Georgia On My Mind

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to say that my friends Julien and Martha are shipping out with the Peace Corps in two days to Georgia (the country...it's between Russia, Iran, and Turkey). I just wanted to wish them the best of luck, and let them know I'll be thinking about them.
Also, let me be the first to officially make the lame joke (in print, at least) about Georgia On My Mind...get used to 27 months of this shit, guys.
Finally, I've linked their blog site to this very blog. It should be in the left column, under something like "Julien and Martha in Georgia (the country)." They've still not even left the country, but when they do, you better wear your stirrups to the computer, because their site will rock your fucking socks off! So check it out in a few weeks or so...
Anyhow, best of luck, and I'll be happy to see you both again, whenever that may be!
Here's a visual aid (since at Sitzblog, we're all about the visual aids) of Martha and Julien, at their wedding last year. I pilfered the photo from one of their websites, so I hope that's OK:

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