November 26, 2007

My Old Nemesis

This posting pretty much speaks for itself, I suppose...

OK, maybe it doesn't speak for itself. At all. So I guess I'll have to speak for it.
Anyhow, Angela and I live next to Angela's sister Toni (Antonieta). Her family has this little dog named Ginger, which used to bark all night and keep me awake (although I seemed to be the only one affected by this). So, after dropping hints, they tied up the dog at night, and now she doesn't bark at all. Man 1, Perra 0, if you're keeping count.
This picture above was one that Angela got off of her niece Adriana's camera when we were downloading our wedding pictures. I have no idea what the hell is going on with the dog in this picture, but after seeing it, I can begin to understand a bit more why Ginger might have needed to bark all night to let out a bit of pent-up aggression.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Didn't you put up that picture of Wicket in the diaper one time? Somehow your blog has become a hotbed of half-dressed animal pictures; a gift for perverted freaks and old people alike.