December 12, 2007


Hello Everyone,

In honor of the upcoming coffee harvest (yes, it's upcoming), I've added a new page to dedicated to all things related to producing that tasty black elixir you enjoy every morning at breakfast (at least, that is, you enjoy it if you're not a big pussy). In any case, if you click here:

it should take you right to the page. However, in the past my links from Blogger have been crap, so if it doesn't work, you can go to, then click on the link on the left that says "Stories and Stuff." From there, go to the first story on the yellow tab, entitled "coffee."

I hope you enjoy the page as much as I enjoy coffee.

Which means I'll surely be disappointed in your level of appreciation for my page.

Think about's deep.


The Management

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting, felt like I'd just been watching the Discovery Channel!!! Guess you better be bringing some of that back!!


Anonymous said...

His Majesty, the King of Sweden loves this article.