December 18, 2007

Coming To America

Angela and I are now in Colorado, and it's been a very nice visit so far. The trip up here was also a good one, including aerial views of an erupting volcano near Guatemala City, Los Angeles during the day, and Denver at night. Good stuff. It was also the first time that Angela had flown before, so we were lucky to have nice, smooth flights.
Upon arriving in L.A., our layover city, we were greeted by some funny things (a guy in the immigration line wearing a hat that said "Fuck White Supremacy" in hand-written bubble paint...he was also reading Ayn Rand) as well as some not-so-funny things (Neil Diamond belting out a jazzed-up version of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" in the airport Burger King food court). But all in all, it's good to be here, and it's a completely new and fun experience for Angela, which makes it fun for me, too. Here are a few selected pictures from the last couple of days:

Here is Angela in Los Angeles, in front of her first plane ever.

This picture was actually only staged, but farily realistically. She really enjoyed flying.

Another first for Angela: snow.

Here are Angela and I in front of my grandma's house (the flag is there because we believe in Liberty, dammit!)

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Zach said...

She's your - QUEEN to beeeeee...

Bonner Photographic said...

Anglea - what are you doing? Stay away from the white stuff. Snow is not your friend. It should not be touched let alone looked at. It is bad, bad I tell. Go back to where it is nice and warm, like Fla.