January 27, 2008

And We're Back

Well now, it's been over a whole month since I've written anything on this blog...not that it was really missed. As you know, I was in the US with Angela, and we had a very nice time. I'm working on getting some pictures from the trip to Colorado and Seattle up on my website, www.ryansitzman.com, and I'll put a note on here when they're finished. Or, as always, you can check on the "What's New?" tab on the left of ryansitzman.com's homepage to see...well, what's new.
In the meantime, Angela and I are back in Coast Tasty, and we've just been enjoying the remainder of our summer vacations. It's been very nice here, and last week we went to the beach and also sat beside the pool. January in Costa Rica is awesome.
Tomorrow, my sister gets in, and the week after that, if I continue at the school I was working at last year, I will begin working again. That means that there might not be too many updates in the coming future. Or, maybe there'll be more. Who knows. One way or the other, I just thought I'd check in and say hi.
Until then, it seems that this site must have turned into a top-40 station because it is now taking requests. My niece Adriana, the one who took the humiliating picture of her dog Ginger in a ballerina outfit, enjoyed seeing that picture so much that she sent me a few more. The following two pictures are from Ginger's birthday. I guess that in Costa Rica, the tradition for canine birthdays is to dress them up and humiliate them a bit. Which I'm fine with, if it's the dog that kept me up by barking incessantly every night for about four months. Anyhow, enjoy:

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Annie, Matthew, and small apartment with cheap futon accommodations said...

We miss you guys already!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ry,

I looked around for John Safran Vs. God to buy on the internet, but they only have it in region 4 (australia) if you want to watch them, I think they have most of them on youtube, just search for that title and you'll get them.