July 19, 2009

Better Polish Up My Polish!

"Could I get a cup of coffee and one of those little rolls... what are they, cinnamon?" I asked as I sat down at the local cafe one recent afternoon.

"Sure," the girl at the counter said. "Hey, you're from some place like Poland, right?"

Good: Apparently, I'm starting to lose my American accent.
Not as good: I'm gaining a Polish one in its place.

Na zdrowie, and have a happy Sunday!

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Deuce said...

Whoa! Polish and Polish are spelled the same! Who knew?


Angie said...

Hahaha. Polish? Well, at least it's not Canadian. :p

Sitzman said...

Yeah, thank God! I hear learning Candaian is almost impossible, especially since they use pictures instead of words, and anything that IS written is written in bubble letters. Yuck.