September 18, 2009


On the way down the mountain just now, I accidently roadkilled a big lizard. I thought it was a leaf, so I tried to drive directly over it (there are both big leaves and big lizards on the road down to Palmares, and if they don't move, they look remarkably similar). Suddenly, it moved and ran right under my car tires. Yech, gross. Sorry there, lizard.

The weirdest thing about it all: Literally two seconds before hitting the lizard, I changed songs on the ipod. I didn't want to hear Danzig's "Bringer of Death," so I skipped it, only to ironically land on Def Leppard's "Bringin' on the Heartbreak." So, I'm sorry for the heartbreak I brought to his little lizard family.

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Dustin said...

Sounds like you were listening to your songs in alphabetical order.


Sitzman said...

Indeed, my friend. Stay tuned for more about that.