November 14, 2009

Some Lame Cat Pics To Tide Us All Over

It's been a busy week and I'm trying to spend less than a half hour at the internet café. Plus, Angela's birthday is tomorrow and I've got to get stuff prepared for that. So, today I've only got time to put up a few pictures of our adorable, loser cats:

Speaking of Angela, she took these two pictures. They're pretty great. It appears that once we cut off Cucho's balls, his mothering instinct kicked in, and now instead of antagonizing the little kitten, he's taken to looking after his new protégé Chubby (the name we chose for our new cat... "Puppy Tracks" was a close second, in honor of my brother Paul's proposed name for our childhood dog, Jenny... Paul was about 4 or 5 at the time, probably).

Sometimes the killer instincts kick in, though. This hilarous picture is less painful than it looks. Chubby was just meowing here.

Anyway, have a nice weekend!

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Dustin said...

Yay! Kitties are cool! I'm glad they're getting along.


Josh said...

Happy Birthday to your wife.

I just noticed that Norm was in the cat shrine. Something about that seems appropriate.


Annie said...

i can't wait to tell mayhew that you named your cat "chubby". i'll report back on his reaction.

Sitzman said...

Thank God you finally commented! We were waiting for your comment.
Ha ha, we chose that name just for you, actually, and not a day went past were we didn't say something like, "Do you think that Annie noticed yet that we named the cat 'Chubby'?" or "I wonder what Annie and Matthew will say when they hear that we named the cat 'Chubby'."
Now you two have to come and visit!