November 21, 2010

Pictures of the Day, November 19 and 20, 2010

So, I've got Pictures of the Day from the last two days ready, and I'll post today's Picture of the Day in a few minutes, hopefully. Thanks for reading!

November 19th: A café in Palmares. Angela and I actually went out and did mildly social things this day, like drinking coffee in a café, purchasing things from a store, and eating a pizza!

November 20th: A Christmas tree at a gas station in Palmares. Here, they don't have Thanksgiving as a buffer (nor do they celebrate Halloween, for that matter), so people tend to get into the "spirit of the season" pretty early. It'd be fine for that if it weren't for the Christmas music, which is like my kryptonite. A month ago when I was in a department store in San Jose, they were already playing Christmas music over the loudspeakers.

So, that's it for the moment, but stay tuned for a countdown of the final 10 pictures in my first 365 project!

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