July 6, 2011

Blog Log

As you may know, I juggle a couple of blogs, so I thought I'd mention what was going on with a few  of the other ones I administer. 

First of all, there's Sitzman ABC, my language learning blog. I recently posted an article about the differences and similarities between German and English. It may not be for everyone who reads this, which is why I didn't re-post it here, but it may be interesting for some of you. If so, check it out here!

Also, you may have heard about toast. In fact, some of you may have even tried it before. But have you heard of SITZtoast? If not, then today's your lucky day because I just started a blog about my favorite food, toast! It's called Sitztoast, and it's yet another bus stop on my ego trip; you can find it here. You can even become a fan of it on Facebook! And if you have any toast anecdotes ("toastecdotes") or original, unpublished scholarly papers related to toast, we're currently accepting new submissions!

So, that's it for the moment here at Sitzblog, but as you can see, the Internet's truly hopping on other Sitzco Amalgamated Enterprises-owned websites! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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