July 8, 2011

Weekly Picture Project Wrap-Up: X, Y, Z

Well, my weekly picture project is officially over, but I've been a bit slow getting the pictures posted. This is mainly because I'm a bit embarrassed about the "Z" week, which made the project go out with more of a whimper than a bang. See for yourself:


For the X pictures, I just decided to find things that looked like the letter "X," since there are so few words that start with X.


"Y" fared a bit better. Here's "Yum!" I made these pecan pancakes for brunch one day.

This one is "Yellow tones." I was going to do just a bunch of pictures with yellow tones, hence the next one, but I was able to actually find a few more "Y" pictures, so it's not all yellow journalism today.

The other "Yellow tones" picture. This is Olman stacking bottle caps.

And finally, "Yuck!" This is what was in our gutters.


"Zacate," Spanish for grass. Stretching a bit, but OK.

Um... "Zoned out?"



Well, that's it for the weekly, letter-based picture project. I originally started it with my aunt and her friend Janey, but since I was the only one to actually finish it, I guess at least I've got that going for me. And I've still got my Pictures of the Day, right?


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