October 1, 2011

O' ZAPFT IS!! Blogtoberfest is Back!!

It's now officially October, but before we get into it, I'll let the gents from Earth, Wind and Fire dance September out of the room; hold on to your brain to make sure the horn section doesn't blow it out of your skull in a aural blast of awesomeness:

Thanks boys! Alright, now it's time for October, but more importantly, it's time for BLOGTOBERFEST! 

Sitzblog isn't in the business of promoting beer, so while you may have expected to see a picture of drunk idiots in a Biergarten in Munich, this creepy/hilarious cat is much more wholesome for the whole family. Plus, I took this picture in Germany, so it counts!

If you remember last year's Blogtoberfest, this humble little blog managed to put up 30 posts, a new Sitzblog record. Let's see if we can get 31 this year!

I've been getting some blog ideas ready in my brain in preparation for this month, so I'm pretty excited here--I hope you are, too! If you prefer to follow these posts on Facebook, just click "Like" in the Facebook box to the left, or go to Sitzblog's Facebook page--I'll be posting them there, too.

Thanks for reading, and bloggoms up! (That's "drink up" in blogspeak!)

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