October 9, 2011

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Mold, Either

I took this picture of Angela just a few days ago:

She was cleaning one of the drawers in her part of the closet because some of her clothes had gotten mold. In the past I've written about the myriad things around here that have gotten mold, so it's hardly worth mentioning at this point, except that when I was reading more of Paulo Coelho's Brida this afternoon I came across the following quote from p. 138 (It also shows how weird written quotations are in Spanish-language books, as the only two quotation marks are ones I put in):

   "...Wicca le preguntó si usaba todas las ropas que poseía.
   --Claro que no --fue la respuesta.
   --Pues, a partir de esta semana, utiliza todo lo que esté en tu armario.
   Brida creyó que no había entendido bien.
   --Todo lo que contiene nuestra energía debe estar siempre en movimiento --dijo Wicca--. Las ropas que tú compraste forman parte de ti y representan momentos especiales. [...] Las ropas siempre transforman emoción en materia. Son uno de los puentes entre lo visible y lo invisible. Existen ciertas ropas que, inclusive, son capaces de hacer daño, porque fueron hechas para otras personas y acabaron en tus manos."

I don't know about you, but that seems to me like a pretty clear justification and argument for my Ryan's Patented Clothes Rotating System if there ever was one!

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