November 5, 2011

Danger 5!

Wow, I almost think this may not be real, simply because it looks like it's going to be so amazing:

But according to their website (which has a pretty hilarious spoof on a 60s action magazine complete with clickable articles), they're actually going to produce this, starting November 21st. I'm pretty sure the guy who says "Domo Arigato" is wearing the same wig I wear for most Halloweens.

I'm gaining more and more respect for Australia and Australians.

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Paul said...

Even if that's not exactly like your halloween wig, this should at least give you enough costume ideas for the rest of your life! Freaking sweet.

Sitzman said...

Absolutely! I love all the weird animal masks, from dinosaurs to tigers to more dinosaurs! If I ever lose my wig, I may go as a Nazi triceratops with machine guns for Halloween!

AnnaLisa said...

...and, once again, you've firmly planted "Mr. Roboto" in my ear.

Sitzman said...

Little did you know that this blog is merely a cover to push my pro-Styx agenda on the world!