May 25, 2012

Beautiful Airplaney Nerdiness

Just the other day I came across a newspaper... is it a newspaper? Or a magazine? Or an online something or other? Anyhow, it's called "The Atlantic Cities," a division of The Atlantic. I've really been digging it, since I'm a fan of cities, urban planning, transportation, skyscrapers, and other such things. It's got good articles, too. The other day they put up this video by Aaron Koblin showing all the flights from American airports over a day, and it's really beautiful, actually:

Pretty incredible. The post mentions that it looks like "fireworks," and that's exactly what I thought as I saw the country light up in the morning, starting at around 7:00 am on the east coast and moving gradually west.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice weekend --and if you're flying or traveling, have a nice, safe trip!

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