June 1, 2012

The Fresh Fighter and The Freshmaker

Last Friday I wrote a post on my Sitzman ABC language learning blog that included the Foo Fighters' video for "Big Me." It's a pretty classic 1990s music video that parodies the old Mentos commercials:

It's a great video. I remember when the Foo Fighters formed from the ashes of Nirvana in the mid-1990s, and people complained about them because they didn't sound like Nirvana. But then again, if they had sounded like Nirvana, people would have complained about that, too. I like their music but if you don't, there's probably nothing I can do or say to convince you otherwise.

I also like their videos. There are so many rock bands that take themselves too seriously and don't really worry about making entertaining music videos anymore. And I guess that's fine, since with bands it's supposed to be about the music, not the video. But a cool video can really enhance a good song, and the Foo Fighters have had a long run of videos that are lighthearted, funny, and entertaining.

Apparently this is what happens. (Image)

Now to the Freshmaker. When I was watching the video for "Big Me" and Mentos commercials on YouTube, I noticed in the "related videos" section that there seemed to be a recurring theme of "Mentos + Diet Coke." Apparently, if you put the two together, they explode. Who knew?! I didn't know this was "a thing," but apparently there are even world records for this. Here's a video of 500 people in downtown Cincinnati making "Mentos Geysers," which apparently set the world record at the time:

And here's even one from 9NEWS, my Denver news channel of choice when I still lived in Colorado and had a TV that got some channels. Apparently 200 science teachers got in on the fun for this one:

And it was even explained by two psychopaths with facial hair:

Has anyone out there tried this? Did it work for you? I'd be keen to try it myself, but I don't think they sell Mentos here. Also, I'm assuming Coke Light (what they have here) is the same as Diet Coke, but then again, there may be some difference.

Oh well. Enjoy some Foo Fighters!

Thanks for reading. Stay safe out there!

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