June 17, 2012

Paul's Visit

At the start of June my brother Paul came to visit us for about 10 days. It was really nice to have him here, and we had a good time (and I hope he did, too... it's kind of boring around here sometimes).

In any case, I just wanted to quickly put up a few pictures from while he was here. You can see more on my flickr page, too.

This is "advanced eating"; try it at home at your own peril. In this case, Paul and I went to Grecia and got a burger (me) and a hot dog (Paul). But that the kicker was that each also had two fried taquitos inside the bun! It was pretty crazy and intense, although not as tasty as one might imagine/dream.

We also stopped by Sarchí, where every single flat surface in the town is covered by this type of traditional Costa Rican painting designs. But at least this guy was really nice.

Here's part of the axle of the World's Largest Oxcart in Sarchí.

So, if you want, check out the other pictures from Paul's visit. And to Paul: it was really nice to have you visit-- come back soon!

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