November 8, 2012

Gee Whiz

Sure, if you need to do a Number Two, there's nothing like a bathroom. But if Number One is on your mind, your grass could use a favor.
One's no longer the loneliest number, after all.

I recently came across this article on The Atlantic Cities site. It talks about a new system/product that will allow people to urinate outside in urban areas, and then harness that urine to fertilize plants. You should really check out the article for a better explanation, as well as to see a picture of the system.

Personally, I think this is brilliant. I recently learned the power of one's urine in our own yard. Especially when our water used to get cut off, I'd quickly hop outside at night when I needed to take a leak. I was surprised to notice that in the areas that I peed, the grass seemed to grow stronger, which was in direct contrast to what I thought I knew about peeing on lawns. But maybe that was just dog pee I was thinking of.

In any case, our front yard was a dying wreck about a year ago, so I decided that there was really nothing to lose by peeing on it and seeing if it worked. And let me tell you, it worked like gangbusters. The only complication was that it was right next to the road, so I'd normally have to wait till darkness before going out, checking to see that no one was going to pass by, and then letting loose. Plus, there were many critters to contend with, such as bats that would do fly-bys and nearly attack my head, mosquitoes, insane stray dogs, and weird hicks. And once I even had to chase an armadillo out of our yard, but that was just weird. But the main idea is that it worked, and for a long time, that was by far the greenest part of our yard.

So if you have a yard and you drink liquid forms of nourishment, consider combining the synergy of the two and seeing what happens.

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