November 6, 2012

Wow, 800 Posts!

This is just a stock picture of me blowing a candle out on a cake. It's not even recent; I think it's from 2007 or something. But the point is this: Cake, and Monumental Occasion.
As I was logging in to Blogger to write a new post, I just realized that my last post on Sitzblog was my 800th post! That's pretty amazing, especially considering that when I started this blog in 2006 or whenever, I didn't technically know what a blog was, nor did I have any idea what I'd end up doing with this one.

And I guess I technically still don't know, but I would like to thank anyone who's read this blog along the way, whether you've done so consistently or coincidentally. I appreciate your support, and it's readers like you that make this whole thing more than just a glorified digital journal.

In any case, here's to at least 800 more posts--thanks again for reading!

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