March 24, 2007

Now You're a Man!!--MAN!!--Manny Manny Man!!

The other day, for my birthday, Ángela made me a man. That's right: she gave me my first machete! She thought I was totally weird for asking for a machete for Christmas, so she didn't get me one. But when I asked for the same thing for my birthday, she finally gave in and scrounged up an old one her dad wasn't using. Although she still thinks I'm weird, and she also made me promise not to cut off my leg. But it's easy for her to cop an attitude since she's not the one that will have to protect our new family from snakes. I am.
So, in traditional redneck style, I decided to pose with my weapon in front of a flag (a Costa Rican one...they kind of have rednecks here, too). Here's me Livin´ La Vida LETHAL!

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Kristen said...

Snakes attack when you are sleeping.

Sitzman said...

That's why I sleep with the unsheathed machete under my pillow.

Anonymous said...

Ah... I already have two machetes. That means I'm twice the man you are, and I achieved it twice as fast. But it also means that I'll probably cut both of my legs off.