March 17, 2007

The Real Summertime Blues

I was thinking about the song "Summertime Blues," which I incidenly don't like (and I especially don't like the version sung by Alan the way, Mr. Jackson, if you're "not sure you can tell me the difference between Iraq and Iran," then you're probably not suited to songs of a political-commentary nature).
Anyhow, sorry about that. It's just that I used to like Alan Jackson, but after he and Toby Keith (aka "The Antichrist") released their post-September 11th songs glorifying supposed terrorist ass-kickings to come and elevating simple-minded, ignorant hick-ness to an art form, I just couldn´t hear "Tall Tall Trees" in the same way anymore.
Wow, I had meant to talk about summer here. I think the real summertime blues are to be found in any place where you need to be inside a school building when it's summer outside. On wonderful days like the ones they have in the Costa Rican "summer" season (which is now here), I just feel sorry for the kids that have to stay in the school rooms all day, longing for the beach.
But not that sorry, because I have to be there, too.

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1 comment:

Pablo said...

I get where you're coming from. For a while when I first got here, I really wanted to get out and play, but after a while, it got so hot that I was glad to be inside at school where they had air-con.