May 30, 2007

Two Notes

First of all, if I happen to be shot by a seemingly "random" bullet, let me say this now to the authorities: investigate my seventh graders! I gave all of them a discipline referral because they were behaving terribly, and they're super pissed.
Also, I read an article on titled "28 Die in Heat-Related Drunk Drownings." Apparently, Moscow is having a major heat wave, so in order to cool off, people are:
1. drinking and
2. getting into water they shouldn't be getting into, especially not while drinking.
Like the title says, 28 people have died, and it mentions that they were bathing in "ponds, fountains, and canals." This is bizarre enough, but the most bizarre thing (to me, at least) is that it says the temperatures have reached above 30 degrees Celsius (around 86 Fahrenheit), which the article calls "sweltering"! The thing is, 86 degrees is not that hot. It just isn't. Even if it got up into the 90s (after all, it said temperatures "above" 86), that's still no real good cause to get shithammered, drown in a fountain, and scare the children.
Just my two cents for the day.

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