May 23, 2007

Zee French Kees

So, this posting has a pretty stupid title, but it's the only one I could think of to introduce the fact that I'm housesitting for the French teacher from my school, who is in Canada with her husband. They are both very nice, as is their son, who happens to be one of my 8th grade students. He also happens to be here in the house, still. Originally, I was supposed to be in charge of driving him back and forth from school (seeing as we go to the same school) and keeping an eye on things when he's out, but since their car broke the day before they left, we've been taking taxis to school, and I'm basically hanging out and being a bit of a mooch. It's not too bad, actually.
In any case, when I arrived at the house, I was surprised to find that they had a little chocolate lab puppy. Evidently the puppy was also surprised that they had a big gringo housesitter, because she started cowering and peeing all over the front porch. I could see why they had elected to hire a housesitter in lieu of relying on their "guard dog" to protect their house. And what a nice house it is! It's got 7 rooms, a pool, cable TV, and internet!
Anyhow, it's been pretty fun hanging out here, especially when playing with the dog (her name is Luna). It's especially interesting because she has a fondness for beetles, in that she likes to catch and eat them. May is the major beetle month here, so she's had no shortage of snacks. I decided to take a few pictures of her last night with one that she was playing with in the living room:

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Anonymous said...

Great dog! Our Sunny used to play with mice and cats, but I have never seen her let a bug sleep next to her! She would have eaten it before it had a chance.
Give the dog a big hug and something nice to eat from me.

shutterbug74 said...

What a cute dog!