October 1, 2007

Facing Death Daily

So, think about it: What would YOU do if one day, you innocently reached for a colored 4x6 card on the floor and--Oh shit! What's that? A scorpion?!

Why, you'd have no other choice than to kick it's ass in the traditional Costa Rican way: machete vs. nature. And in this match, nature almost always is the loser:

(Notice the scorpion...he's actually there) Here's another photo of the deadly encounter...the one that was TOO HOT for the TV, and TOO HOT for the tabloids!

That's right, scorpions aren't just in the desert anymore; turns out they've evolved to super-human levels, and are now found in cloud forests. Humanity, take note: get a machete.

(Yes, there was a scorpion in our house, and yes, I killed it. But he was actually hanging from the ceiling and moving very slowly...Nevertheless, it didn't seem to be too good of an idea to leave him alive, so I sprayed him with some toxic crap and took some pictures--and dramatic liberties)

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