October 6, 2007

Wedding Pictures and Cluster Maps

Look at this:

This is a slideshow of my wedding pictures. Look at the pictures. Enjoy them. Take a picture of the wedding picture slideshow, if you feel so inclined. The photographer, Brad Bonner ("Consummate Photographic Professional"), went to a lot of effort to get the slideshow up and running.
Also, check out the "Cluster Map," on the left sidebar. I stole this thing from Julien and Martha´s webpage (which you should check out; it really is great and is setting a new stanard...for, uh, everything). Theoretically, in a few days this cluster map will begin to show dots from the places where you view this page. So, if you're in an exotic locale, check out this blog so I'll get a sweet dot! (Paul, this means you, you Japan-visiting punk!).
Hope everyone is well!

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