October 11, 2007

The Only Type of Cluster Better Than Honey-Nut Clusters

So I've been a big fan of this cluster map that I put on this site. If you click on it, you can see a bigger map. Apparently, at least 10 people from Colorado have visited this site. Also, more than 10 from Costa Rica...that'd be me, only 10 times. There are some other cool ones, too: see that dot between Iran and Russia? That's Julien and Martha. Japan, I'm assuming, is my brother.
There are also some questions, though. Now, the map doesn't show too much detail, but I'm wondering who's visiting my site from the following locations:
-Missouri(?) or thereabouts...do they even have electricity there?
-The Canadian border near Quebec and New York?
-The DMZ between North Korea and South Korea?
Anyhow, this is good stuff for a geography nerd. Keep the visits coming, and if you go some place exotic, read my blog from there.

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Der Mixxxer said...

There should be some brotherly love from Philly on there!

Anonymous said...

So, I was wondering, does it just go by countries, or cities too? Like will it put a new dot when I get to Kyoto and Osaka and Kobe, oh and then theres China still... Shanghai and Xian and Beijing... do you think it will put a dot if i visit from the great wall of china? Oh man, and then I have all of India... Maybe it will but a dot if I visit you after taking some ecstasy at a trance party in Goa... just kidding everyone... If any of the cousins are reading... DONT DO DRUGS

Sitzman said...

It seems to go by cities or regions or something, and not by countries, so make sure to visit from each of them. I want to be big in Japan!

Theresa said...

Ryan -This is Theresa, I view your blog on a semi regular basis from the great country of Germany, but I don't see a Germany dot. Just thought I'd let you know! Very much enjoying your commentar!

Anonymous said...

Oh, grand master geography king -
I think you need to learn where Mo is. Go one state up and think about who would be viewing your site.

But in better news - you should have a little click from Ireland.