July 25, 2008


A few weeks ago (July 7, to be precise), Angela and I had our first anniversary! To celebrate, we went to a place called Termales del Bosque, which is a hotel that has hot springs in the forest. It was really nice, so I decided I'd throw in a few pictures, because we all know that Costa Rica can be a bit subtle and modest at times when it comes to marketing itself as a tourist destination:

My lovely wife Angela.

Here I am looking at the springs.

"With our inner eyes open, we can encounter an immense beauty hidden in the details."

The path leading to the pools.

The hot pools were really cool, since they were set just above the river. And, of course, they were literally in a forest, and to get there you had to walk along a lamp-lit path. It was pretty cool, all told! If you're ever in the area of San Carlos (that's "Saint Chuck" if you're nasty), check it out!

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Deuce said...

Wow...you're trying REALLY hard to get people to want to visit you, huh? Well, it's working...

Sitzman said...

Yep... me, and the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo. So, get your asses down here.