July 27, 2008

Ein Blondes Wunder--Oder Zwei?!?

Since the first moment I set eyes on my wife Angela, I obviously realized that she was beautiful. However, I had no idea that she was so freaking cute--and blond!?!--when she was a little girl. I recently borrowed these pictures from her mom and scanned them for your "Awwww!" viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Angela, probably about one year old. Or two? I'm a bad judge of baby age. Or does she even still qualify as a "baby" in this picture?

Angela, looking eerily like a little Swiss girl.

Don't mess with "La Chica Suiza."

Angela in a picture that she claims to hate, mainly due to the presence of the doll in her arms. Which I can admit is a good reason to hate a picture. Still, you can see that the blond in her own hair is fading away slowly but surely, and that she didn't just color her hair to protect her identity.

To keep things fair, I decided to include a few pictures of myself when I was just a little muffin (thanks, Annie and Matthew, for that term!). In the picture above I am wearing a denim vest -suit and a striped turtleneck which, although possibly cute for a baby in the early 1980s, looks totally pussy by today's standards.

As you can see in this picture, I ALSO looked remarkably like a little blond Swiss girl, just with a butch haircut! Here I am (once again in horizonal stripes...what the hell, mom?) with my sister Diana (in the stroller). As I ham it up for the camera and enjoy a balloon, a goat quietly eats my baby sister's head. Some things never change, I guess. Ah, memories.

Finally, here I am with my dad Clarence, in the only habitat where little blond Swiss children feel at home: in a meadow in the mountains. I swear, if Angela and I ever have kids--assuming that they don't come out evil and red-headed like the kid from Problem Child as a punishment from God--then the Blondies will probably come popping out of the womb grasping a fondue stick and yodeling about cheese and the importance of political neutrality.
Anyhow, that was Baby Angela and Baby Ryan.

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Angie said...

Aww. The pics are adorable! Ok. Angela and I had like the same doll. (Mine was named Andrea). Those dolls were nice but dangerous, cause if my accident you get hit with one of them, chances are you would get a concussion.

annie keatley said...

thanks for the shout out! also, thanks for posting pictures cute enough to cut through the gloom of a long, boring day at the office like a machete forged of pure adorable.

you kids were so cute! i can't believe angela was blond - but you're right; she was stunning then as she is now.

awww ... nostalgie

annie keatley said...

also, my mother kindly volunteered to raise any redheaded boy children i ever have (scary!), so if you and angela suffer such a terrible fate, my mother (who is, incidentally, at least half swiss) will probably give the brat a good home.

Sitzman said...

Those dolls must be made of the same material they use for Costa Rican houses: Steel-reinforced concrete.

Obviously, I have nothing against redheads. Some of my best friends are redheads!
In any case, though, I DO have very much against that shitty little kid from Problem Child.