May 23, 2009

A New Post

Upon popular demand from Deuce, here is another blog posting.
Not much new.
Our friend Annie is visiting us from Seattle, and we're currently in Puerto Viejo, on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. I'm in an internet cafe and sweating profusely, for some reason. It's not a good motivator for blog writing. Other than that, though, her visit has been great and the Caribbean is a wonderful paradise, especially compared to Costa Rica's over-touristified Pacific Coast.
So things have been great, though, and even greater news is that --apparently-- we might be able to get INTERNET in Berlin! This is super-big news, and I'll keep you all posted.
In any case, my fifteen minutes of free internet time (and thus my fifteen minutes of fame) are almost up, so I'll check in with you all later.
Abrazos to everyone!

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Deuce said...

Yay! Good to hear from you!

Sounds as if a Caribbean beach may be better, eh?


Patrick said...

Hey Sitz. I was reading the blog of my favorite professor here in new york and I thought of you. I think his music reviews rival yours... guy.
-herr hege

Serious Youth said...

This is it? I come all the way over to your blog for this? You have to be kidding me. A sweaty Ryan and to know that the Caribbean is better than the Pacific... I want a refund. Duh Ryan, have you ever heard of the Pirates of the Pacific? I don't think so. Internet in Berlin would be sweet for you guys.

Sitzman said...

Hey Pat!
Those are some pretty good reviews. You say he's one of your professors?
How are you?

Patrick said...

yeah guy, he's pretty fucking cool. he plays in a band, he's writing three books right now - one of which on the stooges - and he always has time to get a beer. Are you still teachin and living in Berlin? It'd be pretty sweet to be at the downer right now, with a cig, a pitcher of pabst, and some good ol unterhaltung.

Sitzman said...

Mmm! That'd be tasty, although I'd have to settle for second-hand smoke, since I stopped when I got to C.R.
But yeah, I'm still in Berlin (not the real one), and teaching up a storm. It's good fun!
What's new with you?

Patrick said...

Hey Sitz,

I'm teaching too. This time it's the Western Civ course that all incoming freshmen have to take. The transition has been fun, but after week six (discussion of Werther) they pretty much figure out that 'history' is really a melo-dramatic exploration of feelings and everything German.

Vielleicht our paths'll cross irgendwann mal in Colorado!